Workshops with Uwe Albrecht

Intuitive diagnostics—the art of equipment-free diagnostics

Making a diagnosis doesn’t just mean to put a name to an illness. Rather, it’s about examining a given state in-depth and on all levels in order to be able to understand the underlying patterns and causes, and to arrive at a personalized and effective therapy from those premises. Often we don’t need equipment for that purpose—our abilities to perceive and sense as well as test with the help of our body suffice.

In this workshop you can learn to do all that:

  • performing a complete medical diagnosis and plan a therapy;
  • identifying the causes of symptoms and illnesses yourself;
  • diagnosing organs on all levels (structurally, biochemically, rhythmically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually);
  • testing medication before taking it as to its effectiveness and freedom from side effects;
  • finding out about allergies and intolerances;
  • identifying field irritations;
  • identifying and sensing irritations and disorders in structures and joints;
  • finding irritations of rhythms;
  • diagnosing the function of the autonomic nervous system;
  • identifying the point in time when an irritation or disorder originated;
  • discovering systemic correlations;
  • diagnosing people and animals.

Every time you perform this kind of diagnostics, you will learn something new and find out which therapy makes sense and will be successful. You will manage to do all this without ultrasound, x-ray, ECG or lab tests, simply with your hands, your perception and sensing abilities, and your intuition. It almost sounds too good to be true. But it is, and you can do it, too!

The book

Uwe Albrecht
Intuitive Diagnostik
Die evolutionäre innerwise Methode (in German).
(Intuitive Diagnostics—The Evolutionary innerwise Method, English translation coming soon)

Includes multimedia DVD with 25 instructional videos and a meditative journey through the body.

368 pages. 129 illustrations. Hardcover. € 36.99.