Intuitive diagnostics—
the art of equipment-free diagnostics

dia means through, apart, and gnosis insight.

“I’m a physician and still experienced medicine
and healing being an art. It is part of my life purpose
to help it become an art again.”
Uwe Albrecht

“I’m a physician and still experienced medicine and healing being an art. It is part of my life purpose to help it become an art again.”
Uwe Albrecht


The birth of intuitive diagnostics

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The birth of
intuitive diagnostics

“In 1996, at the age of 30, I opened my doctor’s practice near Berlin. I had studied and trained in conventional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ancient European healing methods, neural therapy, osteopathy, homeopathy, reflex therapies, kinesiology and more, so here I was with a huge repertoire of therapeutic options to choose from . . .”

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Intuitive diagnostics—
step by step

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Intuitive diagnostics—
step by step

“A symptom is like a flashing, bright red rubber ball in a concrete wall.

Treating symptoms is like hitting that rubber ball with a hammer. The only visible effect of this approach will be the hammer’s imprint on your forehead after it bounced back from the ball.”

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Medicine and the challenges of our time

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Medicine and the
challenges of our time

Is conventional medicine still up-to-date? Does it offer answers to the challenges we’re facing as humans and our urgent questions? Does it bring good health and joy of life to those who are hoping to enjoy it? Does it bring fulfillment to those who practice it?

All these questions can be answered with a “no.”

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The heart

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The heart

“The heart is probably the most exciting, interesting and most frequently misinterpreted organ of all. Many people experience heart pain once in a while, they feel pressure or a stabbing pain, and are then afraid of getting a heart attack. Diagnostics have revealed, however, that the most frequent heart irritations reside on the emotional level—the heart was broken at some point.”

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Intuitive Diagnostics—the book

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“It almost sounds too good to be true.
But it is, and you can do it, too!”
Uwe Albrecht


This textbook offers instructions and tools for every user to perform a comprehensive medical diagnosis and plan a therapy, without medical equipment and technical means. That way—by using only our perception and sensing skills, our intuition, and our hands, it’s possible to

  • diagnose organs on all levels (structurally, biochemically, rhythmically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually);
  • diagnose functions of the autonomic nervous system;
  • identify irritations and disorders in structures and joints;
  • diagnose animals, systems and buildings;
  • test medication before taking it as to its effectiveness and side effects;
  • find out about allergies and intolerances;
  • identify deeper causes and the point in time when symptoms and illnesses really began, such as field irritations, irritations of rhythms or systemic interrelations.

Uwe Albrecht
Intuitive Diagnostik – Die evolutionäre innerwise Methode (in German).
(Intuitive Diagnostics—The Evolutionary innerwise Method, English translation coming soon)
Includes multimedia DVD with 25 instructional videos and a meditative journey through the body.
368 pages. 129 illustrations. Hardcover. € 36.99.

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The art of equipment-free diagnostics

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