Medicine and the challenges of our time

“Doctors are men, who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, for men, of whom they know nothing at all.”

Quote taken from the movie Escape Plan1


Is conventional medicine still up-to-date?
Does it offer answers to the existing challenges?
Does it bring good health and joy of life to those who are hoping to enjoy it?
Does it bring fulfillment to those who practice it?

All these questions can be answered with a “no.”

As little as mechanics are still able to describe life and offer answers in the age of quantum physics, this holds true also for a kind of medicine that is still based on a mechanistic approach. Today’s medicine doesn’t make people healthier, even if they live longer. A growing number of people can only survive with the help of medication and are chronically ill at an ever younger age.

Just as a reminder: What’s normal would be that we don’t take any medication, aren’t allergic to anything, don’t need any medical help for years because we’re healthy, that our bodies are strong and flexible, our mood is balanced and happy, and we experience life as fulfilling and beautiful—and that we pay our sickness insurance for nothing. Anything else is not normal!

Medicine as it is currently practiced, reflects a time with its paradigms whose repercussions brought humanity to the brink of its ability to survive.

Ethics, humbleness, love and understanding the Earth as a joint and interconnected system with its mutual dependencies were lost. People don’t learn or practice a systemic understanding anymore. With their shortsightedness, human arrogance and symptom-oriented thinking have led to the depletion of resources, the contamination of the environment, and soil erosion with a permanent artificial substitution of nutrients. And this applies to nature just as much as it does to people.

On the other hand, we subject our bodies to ever increasing requirements. Speed, the explosion of information, low-quality nutrition and being increasingly poisoned, are only part of what overwhelms our self-regulatory capacity, our ground regulation.

We need a new way of looking at the human being and all interconnections—what good health truly is, and how we can better deal with the requirements of our time.

The innerwise method of intuitive diagnostics saves us not only an infinite amount of time and money that is usually required for equipment-based diagnostics, but also enables us to look at the human being as a whole and to identify anger irritating the liver, a broken heart, irritated bone marrow, inflamed intestines and much more within seconds, and then determine effective solutions.

Text from the book Intuitive Diagnostics, chapter Basics and Techniques

1 Source of English translation: (14 April 2015)

The book

Uwe Albrecht
Intuitive Diagnostik
Die evolutionäre innerwise Methode (in German).
(Intuitive Diagnostics—The Evolutionary innerwise Method, English translation coming soon)

Includes multimedia DVD with 25 instructional videos and a meditative journey through the body.

368 pages. 129 illustrations. Hardcover. € 36.99.